In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Change.”

The weirdest and mind puzzling change I encountered is my avatar. I made a Gravatar that shows itself on my thingybar with “me” written under it. But when I post stuff like this whining bit, my FBird had changed into the orange thing”caution,explosives” sign.

Yup , I uploaded it to my account, but my Gravatar should pop up next to my name, so I’m told. This WordPress sh!t keeps me puzzled at all time. Maybe because I do WordPress on my cheap Chinese mobile things are really different, but all those glidges and my own stupidity keep me from using paid accounts. So the change is weird, but free. I have that feeling that my negative attitude will not become a positive one. ¬†Help is hard to get on WordPress. Servicedesk closed at all times, so errr… Change that.

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Die to my Asian roots ( nvr blame urself ) I’d like to gamble once a day. And slotmachines are always in English, so I have this strange hobby to leave the machine once if spells K A K…. It means “poo” or “shit” in Dutch. Yes, it’s a strange sense of humour. So is […]

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My daughter loves the new black family monsterrrr

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so attempt #1. But do take into consideration that I am doing the sh1t here on a cheap Huawei Y450. ¬†Because it can, that’s why. And here’s a picture of my girlfriend her toes. I chromed her toenails. Took me an hour per foot. But fabulous result… (Okay, I give up. I cannot add tags. […]

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