PLEASE report. As you are the only one ever here. And you are my first visitor. Did I Gross you out?geen geld


18 thoughts on “Reader

  1. No, of course not. I was here before work – after you replied with your URL – and Thank you. Please let me know how I can help you with your blog. Of course, you will not want my comments to appear here where everyone can read them – nor will I want them on my blog where my readers will see them, so perhaps another way to communicate? What are your thoughts? I am still a newbie to this myself, and learning. You might want to check out my blog – it is a food blog, so my content is very different from yours, which is more eclectic – and see if you even want my help. I do have some thoughts of things that will help you get people to come to your blog, ways to organize your content, etc… Just let me know.

    Chris from


    1. Why don’t I want ur comments here? Nobody else is here, ur my only visitor
      And I’m really a dull personen, so nobody will come here to read.
      And if they do, it might give em a thought of how to start their own blog thingy


      1. I’m at work lunch time. 10 min left. Are all of those your pics & photos? They are very cool, but you know that if you share other people’s pics you must give them credit or have their permission.


      2. All mine, or free-to-share.
        Mostly I draw stiletto heels on pics of my gf her feet. Because she has pretty feet that look awesome in heels. And a friend van make em. In 2009 we sold a recordbreaking number of 9 pairs….

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      3. Ok… When you are writing a post there are options on the left hand side of the screen. 2 of those options are tags and categories. For tags you list things (separated by commas) that people might search for that would bring them to your blog. Stiletto, shoes, high heels, fashion shoes, stuff like that. For categories maybe fashion, shoes, photos. I don’t know. Those are just some of my ideas.


      4. I am confused. Unless… Perhaps you use the quick post option, which I have never tried, and it is different? You do have to scroll down to find them… Or are you posting on a small device? A phone or small pad where things might be rearranged?


      5. One other thought. Which of the blog themes are you using? Perhaps that is limiting what you can do? You could pick a different one. You don’t have to start over to do it. Just go to your Administration page…


      1. Well since you haven’t been doing anything to actively creep us out but still succeed in doing so, I suggest you just be yourself. 😀

        Also, what is autoimmune MS?


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