My daughter loves the new black family monsterrrr



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  1. If you want your Pics to appear out on your main page – which is awesome, BTW – You need to make them your “Feature Image” and they will all appear on the main page. Comments and related info would then appear here, as would comments, etc. Are you tired of me yet?


  2. Aaarrrggghhh! I’m being very blonde today. and my connection seems to be spotty. The above is one of 3 attempts to post replies. And a very poor one. By the first “Comments” I meant YOUR comments, and byt the second “comments” I meant the replies that others make about your posts. Geez. Guess it’s a good thing lunch is over!


      1. Sigh. You must find something larger to use when you work on your blog. I tried using an inexpensive Android tablet for a while, but I became so frustrated that my wonderful husband bought me an HP Pavilion X2 that we found on wicked sale. It is amazing and has never failed me.


      2. lol, I do have a full working computerroom. With, hold yer breath , three 32 inch touchscreen. I do use it for my silly Photoshop-hobby. 3D renders etc, etc. But that octocore badass computer is only connected to my homenetwork, and it is strictly forbidden to any familymember to connectect that thing to the Internet. Drawing-only. For the rest: I am connected to the Internet since 1986 and frankly,I do not care anymore. I van do code with my eyes closed, hack any Android-app and spoil all facebookgames my family likes to play. But somehow it isn’t important anymore. Done that and played well. challenge now is this cheap Chinese carryable computing thing. My fingers are to thick or trembling to do it all, but that is what makes it fun. Typing with my thumb. I refuse to use the computers, it’s Huawei or nothing :-p

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