In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Change.”

The weirdest and mind puzzling change I encountered is my avatar. I made a Gravatar that shows itself on my thingybar with “me” written under it. But when I post stuff like this whining bit, my FBird had changed into the orange thing”caution,explosives” sign.

Yup , I uploaded it to my account, but my Gravatar should pop up next to my name, so I’m told. This WordPress sh!t keeps me puzzled at all time. Maybe because I do WordPress on my cheap Chinese mobile things are really different, but all those glidges and my own stupidity keep me from using paid accounts. So the change is weird, but free. I have that feeling that my negative attitude will not become a positive one.  Help is hard to get on WordPress. Servicedesk closed at all times, so errr… Change that.

More naughty bits on my

blubbering blog. Still don’t get it.NiceWords


6 thoughts on “AvatarS

  1. My Gravatar does not appear on my site, except when I reply to comments, etc. Your “F-Bird” appears to have become your logo as well as your Gravatar. Did you perhaps select this when you were customizing your site? I used to have one – a logo, I mean – but I got rid of it when I went to my current header image, which my husband designed for me. I’m hoping to work on some new, updated menus for my blog this week. Boring to you, I’m sure, but I’d like to organize the recipes a little better – make the site easier to search. Unfortunately, I’m not good at this part of the thing. I read a couple of articles last week…so wish me luck!


  2. The articles weren’t at all helpful. Nothing worked as I had hoped, and I didn’t accomplish a thing. We’ve had tons of snow already and I’ve been blogging at least. Have you given up?


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